Fog VRML97 Helper
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The Fog helper lets you specify the color and range of fog in your VRML97 world. You can simulate atmospheric effects by blending objects with a color based on the objects' distances from the viewer. For the best visual results, the background (which is unaffected by the fog) should be the same color as the fog.


To create a VRML 97 Fog helper:

  1. Add a Fog helper by clicking the Fog button, then click-drag in the Top viewport to create its icon.
  2. Use the controls to adjust the type of fog in your VRML environment.


The Fog rollout contains the following options:


Specifies the fog type (linear or exponential). Linear means that the amount of blending is a linear function of the distance, resulting in a depth-cueing effect. Exponential uses an exponential increase in blending, resulting in a more natural fog appearance.


Lets you select the fog color from the Color Selector dialog.

Visibility Range

Specifies the distance from the viewer at which objects are totally obscured by the fog. The smaller this value is, the closer the fog is to the camera, and the less your scene is visible. The larger this value is, the more of your scene is visible to the camera. A value of 0 turns off the effect, making everything in the scene visible. A value of 0 means that there is no fog effect.

Icon Size

Adjusts the size of the helper object in the viewports.