AudioClip VRML97 Helper
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Create panel Helpers VRML97 Object Type rollout AudioClip

The AudioClip helper lets you specify the name and characteristics of an audio file that can be used by the Sound helper.


To create an AudioClip helper:

  1. Click the AudioClip button, and click-drag in the Top viewport to create the helper.
  2. Enter the location of the sound file (.wav or .mid) you want to use in the URL text box.


The rollout contains the following options:


Specifies the location/file name of the sound to use. Either.wav (waveform) or .mid (MIDI) files can be used, but MIDI sound files may not be spatialized. Some browsers do not support MIDI.


Lets you enter a text description of the sound, which is displayed by some browsers.


Sets the relative pitch of the sound. 1.0 is normal pitch, and 0.5 is one octave lower than normal.


Repeats the sound.

Start on World Load

Starts playing the sound as soon as the world is loaded into the browser.

Icon Size

Determines the size of the AudioClip helper in the scene.