EPS and PS (Encapsulated PostScript) Files

3ds Max Design can render images to Encapsulated PostScript format files, which have the .eps or .ps extension.

PostScript is an Adobe page-description language for encoding graphics images. It is supported by many printing devices and is widely used in desktop publishing and graphic design as a means of porting images from one platform to another. You can not view PostScript files with 3ds Max Design or use them as bitmaps in materials or environments.


When PostScript is the chosen output format, clicking Render or Setup on the Render Output File dialog displays the EPS File Output Options dialog.


Select inches or millimeters.

Image Orientation

Select portrait (tall) or landscape (wide).

Data Format

Select binary or ASCII.

File Type

Select color or grayscale.


Check to generate a thumbnail image so that file browsers can preview the contents of the PostScript file.

Page Size

Set width and height measurements.


Set width and height resolution in dots per inch (dpi).