Fixing Vertices in World Space
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reactor modifier (Cloth/Soft Body/Rope) Constraints rollout

The Fix Vertices constraint lets you fix vertices in a deformable body to their current positions in world space.

A row of vertices fixes the curtain to the wall.


To fix points in a deformable body in world space:

  1. On the Modify panel, click Vertex in the deformable body modifier's sub-object list.

    This lets you select individual vertices in the deformable body.

  2. On the Constraints rollout, click Fix Vertices.

    A new Constrain To World constraint appears in the constraints list.

  3. Ensure the constraint is highlighted in the constraints list.
  4. Select the vertices to constrain.

    These vertices remain fixed in place during the simulation, while the rest of the mesh is subject to physical forces and deformation as usual.

  5. When you are finished choosing vertices, it's advisable to exit the Vertex sub-object level. This prevents you accidentally deselecting some of the constrained vertices before simulating.
  6. To change the set of fixed vertices, select the object, access the modifier's Vertex sub-object level, highlight its Constrain To World constraint in the list, and then select a different set of vertices.