Modifier-Based Space Warps
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Create panel (Space Warps) Modifier-Based

Create menu Space Warps Modifier-Based

Modifier-based space warps duplicate the effects of standard object modifiers. Like other space warps, they must be bound to objects, and they work in world space. They are useful when you want to apply effects such as Twist or Bend to a widely scattered group of objects.

Creating Modifier-Based Space Warps

You create modifier-based space warps the same way that you create other space warps. Modifier-based space warps are listed on the Create panel as a separate category under Space Warps.

All the modifier-based space warps use a box-shaped (nonrenderable) object. When you create one, you use the mouse in the viewport as you do when creating a Box primitive.

Unlike their modifier versions, these space warps do not have sub-object levels.


Gizmo Parameters rollout

Gizmo Size group


Let you adjust the warp object's dimensions.

Deformation group


When is set to 0, there is no decay, and the space warp affects its bound object regardless of its distance from the object. When you increase the decay, the effect on the bound object falls off exponentially. See the topics on the individual modifiers for more information.

Parameter rollout

The parameters for a modifier-based space warp are identical to those of the modifier on which the space warp is based:

Bend Modifier

Taper Modifier

Noise Modifier

Twist Modifier

Skew Modifier

Stretch Modifier