Materials and Mapping in Particle View

Particle Flow provides three operators for applying materials to particles. To give the same appearance to all particles throughout an event, use Material Static Operator. If you're using a compound material such as Multi/Sub-Object, you can assign different sub-materials to different particles with the Material Frequency operator. And to assign materials that change in appearance over time, use the Material Dynamic operator.

Related to this is the Mapping operator, which lets you give the same mapping coordinates to the entire surface of each particle in an event, thus using a single pixel from a material to color the particles. By animating the mapping coordinates, you can cause the particles to change color over time. This is particularly effective with a gradient material.

The Bitmap map, used in conjunction with Material Dynamic, lets you assign different frames from an image sequence to particles based on the particle age, among other effects.

Following are some items to keep in mind when using materials with Particle Flow: