Split Selected Test
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Particle View Click Split Selected in an event or add Split Selected to the particle system and then select it.

The Split Selected test lets you split the particle stream based on particles' selection status. For information about selecting particles, see Selection rollout.

NoteThis test considers only particles selected at the Particle sub-object level. To use all particles in an event at a specific frame, go to that frame, go to the Event sub-object level, and highlight the event. Then go to the Particle sub-object level, and on the Selection rollout, click Get From Event Level.


The user interface appears in the parameters panel, on the right side of the Particle View dialog.

Test True If Particle group

Lets you choose how to split the particle stream. Default=Is Selected.

Is Selected

All selected particles are eligible for redirection to another event.

Is Not Selected

All non-selected particles are eligible for redirection to another event.