Effects Panel and Rollout
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Rendering menu Effects Environment and Effects dialog Effects panel

Rendered Frame Window (Environment And Effects Dialog) Effects panel

The Effects rollout, on the Effects panel, lets you assign and manage rendering effects.

You can use the Effects panel to:


The Effects panel has one main rollout, Effects, with the following options:


Displays a list of selected effects.


Displays the name of the selected effect. Edit this field to rename the effect.


Displays a dialog listing all available rendering effects. Select the effect you want added to the window list, and then click OK.


Removes a highlighted effect from the window and from the scene.


Specifies whether the selected effect is active in the scene. On by default; you can deactivate an effect without actually removing it by selecting it in the window and turning off Active.

Move Up

Moves the highlighted effect up in the window list.

Move Down

Moves the highlighted effect down in the window list.


Merges rendering effects from scene (.max) files. Clicking Merge displays a file dialog from which you can choose a .max file. A dialog then appears listing all rendering effects in that scene.

Preview group


When All is chosen, all of the active effects are applied to the preview. When Current is chosen, only the highlighted effects are applied to the preview.


When on, changes occur interactively in the Rendered Frame Window as you adjust the parameters of an effect. When Interactive is not activated, you can click one of the update buttons to preview the effect.

Show Original/Show Effects toggle

Click Show Original to display the original rendered image without any of the effects applied. Click Show Effects to display the rendered image with the effects.

Update Scene

Updates the Rendered Frame Window with all changes made in Rendering Effects as well as any changes made to the scene itself.

Update Effect

Manually updates the preview Rendered Frame Window when Interactive is not on. What is shown in the Rendered Frame Window is only an update of any changes made in Rendering Effects. Any changes made to the scene itself will not be rendered.