Rectangular Selection Region
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Main toolbar (Rectangular Selection Region), on the Selection Region flyout

Edit menu Selection Region Rectangular Region

Selects objects within a rectangular area.

You can use Rectangular to select either objects that are completely within the selection region (window method), or objects that are either within or touched by the selection shape (crossing method). Toggle between the window and crossing selection methods by using the Window/Crossing toggle on the main toolbar.

NoteIf you hold down Ctrl while specifying a region, the affected objects are added to the current selection. Conversely, if you hold down Alt while specifying a region, the affected objects are removed from the current selection.


To select using a rectangle:

  1. Click (Rectangular Selection Region).
  2. Drag in a viewport, then release the mouse. The first location you click is one corner of the rectangle, and where you release the mouse is the opposite corner.

    To cancel the selection, right-click before you release the mouse.