Edit Commands

These commands on the Edit menu are for basic edit manipulations of selections.

Undo and Redo work as in standard Windows applications. These commands are available on the default main toolbar as well. 3ds Max Design also provides a history of commands. Right-clicking the Undo or Redo buttons displays a list of commands you can undo or redo. Not all operations are reversible using Undo.

NoteViewport changes such as panning and zooming have a separate Undo and Redo. See View-Handling Commands.

The Hold and Fetch command pair serves as an alternative to Undo and Redo. Hold saves the current state of the scene. After using Hold, you can restore that state at a later point by using Fetch. Sometimes, when you are about to perform a risky operation, an alert prompts you to first use Hold.

3ds Max Design does not have the Cut or Paste functions found in many Windows applications. The Delete command simply removes the selection from the scene.