Arraying Objects

Array is a dedicated tool for cloning and precisely transforming and positioning groups of objects in one or more spatial dimensions. For each of the three transforms (move, rotate, and scale), you can specify parameters for individual objects in the array, or for the array as a whole. Many results you can get with Array would be laborious or impossible using Shift+Clone techniques.

A one-dimensional array

Creating an Array

This is the general procedure. For more details, see the topics that follow.

To create an array:

  1. Select one or more objects to be in the array.
  2. Choose a coordinate system and transform center.
  3. On the Extras toolbar, click (Array), or on the Tools menu, choose Array.

    The Array dialog appears.

    NoteThe Array flyout is on the Extras toolbar, which is off by default. You can toggle display of this toolbar by right-clicking an empty spot on the main toolbar and choosing Axis Constraints from the Customize Display right-click menu.
  4. Set array parameters on this dialog, then click OK.

Reuse of Array Settings

Generally you should approach Array creation as an iterative process. The dialog settings are not interactive, so you get feedback only after creating the array. By revising the current settings and repeating the array, you develop a solution that meets your needs.

After creating an array and checking its result, you can undo the array using Edit menu Undo Create Array or Ctrl+Z. This leaves the original selection set in place.

Repeating an Array

When you create an array, object selection moves to the last copy or set of copies in the array. By simply repeating current settings, you create a seamless continuation of the original array.

During a session, 3ds Max Design maintains all the dialog settings for your current array.

Array settings are saved only during the current session, not with the file. Be sure you’ve finished an array before you quit 3ds Max Design.

General Considerations

When you create an array, keep these points in mind: