Specifying a Reference Coordinate System

The reference coordinate system determines the orientation of the X, Y, and Z axes used by the transform. The type of transform system you use affects all transform operations.

You specify the transform coordinate system using the Reference Coordinate System list.

Creating a Local Axis

While modeling, it’s often helpful to have a temporary, movable local axis so you can rotate or scale about an arbitrary center.

NoteThis technique does not work for animation. See Choosing a Transform Center for animation tips.
TipAs an alternative to this method, you can use the Working Pivot.

To create an adjustable local axis:

  1. Create a Point helper object.
  2. From the Transform Coordinate System list, choose Pick, and then click the point object.

    The name of the point object appears in the list as the active coordinate system.

Now you can use the point object’s coordinate system as an adjustable axis.

To use the adjustable axis:

  1. Place the point object where you want the rotate or scale transform to be centered.
  2. Select the object you want to transform.
  3. Choose the point object’s name in the Transform Coordinate System drop-down list.
  4. From the Use Center flyout choose Use Transform Coordinate Center. For more information, see Choosing a Transform Center.
  5. Proceed with the transform.