Network Plug-In Configuration

You can include paths to additional INI files within the local plugin.ini file; 3ds Max Design processes these files as if they were part of the original plugin.ini. This capability is helpful in settings where several systems on a network are using the same plug-ins. The network administrator maintains only a single remote INI file, rather than having to update each machine individually.


Example: To add remote INI files to your local plugin.ini:

  1. Open your local copy of plugin.ini with your preferred text editor.
  2. At the bottom of the file, type [Include] and press Enter.
  3. After [Include], type these two lines:



    NoteYou can give any title to the directory (in this case, myremote or anotherdir,) and the directory can be any local or remote directory. In addition, the INI file can have any name.
  4. Save plugin.ini and exit the text editor.

    The next time you start 3ds Max Design, it will load plug-ins from the directories defined in plugin.ini, as well as plug-ins in any remote INI file specified in plugin.ini.

    You can add as many remote INI files as you need, making it easy to organize groups of plug-ins.