Radiosity Preferences
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Customize menu Preferences Preference Settings dialog Radiosity tab

On the Radiosity panel of the Preference Settings dialog, you set options for the radiosity solution.

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Material Editor group

Display Reflectance & Transmittance Information

When on, reflectance and transmittance values are displayed in the Material Editor.

NoteIn order to make this change effective, you need to close and restart the Material Editor.

Interactive Display group

Display Radiosity in Viewports

When on, radiosity effects are displayed in the viewports.

Radiosity Processing group

Automatically Process Refine Iterations Stored in Geometric Objects

When on, all refine iterations stored in geometric objects are automatically processed.

Start/Reset Behavior

Display Reset Warning

When on, a warning message is displayed whenever you reset the radiosity solution in your scene.

Update Data When Required on Start

When on, the radiosity engine must be reset and then recalculated if the solution is invalidated. In this case, the Start button changes to read Update & Start. When this is pressed, the radiosity solution is reset and the calculation starts over again.

When this toggle is off, the radiosity solution does not need to be reset if it is invalidated. You can continue processing your scene with the invalid solution.

NoteThe radiosity solution is invalidated any time an object or light is added, removed, moved, or altered in any way.

File Save group

Save Scene Information in MAX file (Decreases Load Time)

The light levels from the radiosity solution are always saved with the file, however when this is on, some additional radiosity information is saved with your scene.