Tri Patch
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Create panel (Geometry) Patch Grids Tri Patch

Create menu Patch Grids Tri Patch

Tri Patch creates a flat grid with 72 triangular faces. The face count remains at 72, regardless of its size. The faces become larger to fill the area as you increase the size of the grid.

Tri Patch


To create a Tri Patch:

  1. On the Create panel, activate (Geometry). Choose Patch Grids from the drop-downlist, then on the Object Type rollout, click Tri Patch.
  2. Drag over any viewport to create the patch.

To edit a Tri Patch:

  1. Select a Tri Patch.
  2. On the Modify panel, right-click TriPatch in stack view, and choose Editable Patch.

    The Tri Patch collapses to an Editable Patch.

  3. On the Editable Patch Selection rollout, click (Vertex).
  4. In any viewport, select a vertex on the patch object and move the vertex to change the surface topology.

    You can animate vertices and vectors with an Editable Patch modifier.


Name and Color rollout

The Name and Color rollout lets you rename objects and change their wireframe color.

Keyboard Entry rollout


Sets the patch center.


Sets the patch length.


Sets the patch width.


Creates a patch based on the XYZ, Length, and Width values.

Parameters rollout

Length, Width

Sets dimensions of grid in current units.

Generate Mapping Coordinates

Creates map coordinates for applying mapped materials. Default=off.