Curve Fit
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Select a NURBS object. Modify panel Create Curves rollout Dependent Curves group box Curve Fit button

Select a NURBS object. Modify panel NURBS toolbox (Create Fit Curve)

This command creates a point curve fitted to points you select. The points can be part of previously created point curve and point surface objects, or they can be point sub-objects you created explicitly. They can't be CVs.

Fitting a curve to selected points


To create a point curve with Curve Fit:

The NURBS object must contain two or more point sub-objects.

  1. In the NURBS toolbox, turn on (Create Fit Curve).
  2. Click two or more points.

    A point curve is created. It runs through the points you select, in the order you select them.

    You can use Backspace to undo point selection in reverse order.

  3. Right-click to end creation.


There are no parameters for a point curve created with Curve Fit.