Transform Surface
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Select a NURBS object. Modify panel Create Surfaces rollout Dependent Surfaces group box Transform

Select a NURBS object. Modify panel NURBS toolbox (Create Transform Surface)

A transform surface is a copy of the original surface with a different position, rotation, or scale.

Surface created as a transform


To create a transform surface:

The NURBS object must contain at least one surface.

You can later transform the transform surface as a surface sub-object, and you can animate surface sub-object transforms.


Creation time

At creation time, there is only one parameter.

Flip Normals

Flips the surface normals

After creation, you can flip normals using controls on the Surface Common rollout.

Transform Surface rollout (modification time)

Replace Base Surface

Lets you replace the parent surface. Click the button, then click the surface to replace the original surface.