Creating and Editing Point Sub-Objects
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Select a NURBS object. Modify panel Create Points rollout

Select a NURBS object. Modify panel (NURBS Creation Toolbox)

Keyboard Ctrl+T to toggle NURBS toolbox display (Keyboard Shortcut Override Toggle must be on.)

In addition to the points that are an integral part of point curve and point surface objects, you can create "freestanding" points. Such points can help you construct point curves by using the Curve Fit button. You also use dependent points to trim curves.

You create individual points as NURBS sub-objects while you are modifying NURBS. To create points individually, use the Create Points rollout or the NURBS toolbox.

Toolbox Buttons for Creating Points

These are the toolbox buttons for creating point sub-objects:

Create an independent point.

Create a dependent offset point.

Create a dependent curve point.

Create a dependent curve-curve intersection point.

Create a dependent surface point.

Create a dependent surface-curve intersection point.