Detach Dialog (NURBS)
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Modify panel Select a NURBS sub-object. Curve Common or Surface Common rollout (optional) Copy toggle Detach button

This dialog appears when you use Detach to create a new top-level NURBS curve or surface sub-object.


Detach as

Lets you assign a name to the new object. By default, the name is "Curve" or "Surface" followed by a sequence number.

This option is unavailable when Detach To Element is on.


This toggle affects dependent objects. When off, detaching a dependent sub-object makes it an independent object. For example, detaching a U loft converts it to a CV surface. When on, detaching a dependent sub-object also detaches the objects on which it depends, so the object remains dependent. For example, detaching a U loft also detaches the curves that define it. Default=on.