User Grid Settings
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Tools menu Grids and Snaps Grid And Snap Settings Grid And Snap Settings dialog User Grids tab

The User Grids panel controls automatic activation of grid objects and settings for AutoGrid.


NoteThe layout of the Grid And Snap Settings dialog is generated at runtime. Because of this, it might appear slightly different than the illustration shown here.

Grid object automation group

Determines if 3ds Max Design automatically makes grids active upon creation.

Activate grids when creating

Turn on to automatically activate the grid you created.

TipIf not turned on, you can activate the grid by selecting the grid, then right-clicking and choosing Activate Grid.

AutoGrid group

AutoGrid allows you to automatically create grids on the surface of objects. The task of creating objects that are aligned to other object surfaces has been simplified. Turn on AutoGrid in the Object Type rollout of a command panel. When you turn on AutoGrid, 3ds Max Design uses the setting in the User Grids dialog for world or object space.

World space

Aligns grids to world space.

Object space

Aligns grids to object space.