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Animation Controllers
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Track View Select a track in the Track View hierarchy. Track View menu bar Controller menu Assign Choose a controller in the dialog.

Animation menu Constraints/Transform Controllers/Position Controllers/Rotation Controllers/Scale Controllers Choose a controller.

Select an object. Motion panel Assign Controller rollout Select a track. Assign Controller Choose a controller in the dialog.

Controllers, like constraints, handle the animation tasks in a scene. They store animation key values and procedural animation settings, and they interpolate between animation key values.

An object or parameter doesn't receive a controller until you animate it. As soon as you change an animatable parameter with Auto Key on, or add a key in Track View - Dope Sheet, 3ds Max Design assigns a controller to the parameter. 3ds Max Design chooses a default type for the controller, depending on the animation. You can change the default controller to another type.

The animation controllers are organized in the following categories:

To change an assigned controller, use Assign Controller in Track View or on the Motion panel.

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