Object Parameters Rollout (HD Solver)
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Make a selection. Hierarchy panel IK Object Parameters rollout

The Object Parameters rollout lets you set IK parameters for an entire hierarchical chain.

This topic covers the Terminator check box; other parameters on the Object Parameters rollout are covered in the following topics:

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Sliding and Rotational Joints Rollouts (HD Solver)


To create a terminator in any hierarchy or HD IK chain:

  1. Select an object in any hierarchy or HD IK chain that you want to be the terminator.
  2. On the Hierarchy panel Object Parameters rollout, turn on Terminator.

    The terminated objects will not move when you use Interactive, Applied, or HD IK animation.



Sets the base of an IK chain by defining one or more selected objects as terminators.

Turn on Terminator to stop calculation of the kinematic chain before it reaches the root object of the hierarchy. A terminator object stops calculation at the terminator's child object; the terminator itself is not affected by the IK solution. This gives you very precise control over the behavior of the kinematic chain.