Sound Options Dialog
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Track View Right-click a Sound track in the Controller window. Properties Sound Options dialog

When using Default Sound, the Sound track in the Track View Controller window contains two sound options. Use the Metronome to generate a series of beeps, or load a sound file to play back.

Default Sound allows you to synchronize your animation to a sound file or to a metronome. If you use a sound file, a Wave Form track is displayed in the Hierarchy list, and a waveform is displayed in the Edit window. A sound file plays on your installed sound card. You set the Metronome and the Wave Form parameters in the Sound Options dialog.

Sound is one way to provide the timing for your animation. You can scrub the time slider to locate a particular sound, and coordinate your visuals around it.

You can display this dialog by right-clicking the Sound item in the Track View controller window, or by right-clicking a sound track in the Key window.


To add a sound track:

  1. In the Track View Controller window, right-click a sound item and choose Properties.

    3ds Max Design opens the Sound Options dialog.

  2. Click Choose Sound, select a sound file, and then click OK.

    A Wave Form branch appears in the Track View Hierarchy. A waveform appears in the Track View Key window.

  3. Turn on Real Time in the Time Configuration dialog to hear the sound track when you play your animation.


Audio group

Choose Sound

Displays a file selector where you choose a sound file.

Remove Sound

Deletes the waveform from Track View.

Reload Sound

Reloads the last loaded file. This allows the sound file to be reloaded when it has been changed by another program.


Plays the waveform during animation play back.

Metronome group

The Metronome track produces a regular beat using two tones. You specify three settings in the Sound Options dialog to control the Metronome:

Beats per minute

Sets the frequency of beats. The beats display in the Metronome tracks as black vertical bars. Default=60.

Beats per measure

Sets which beat is emphasized with a higher pitch tone. Emphasized beats display in the Metronome track as black pluses. For example, a setting of 4 generates a higher pitched tone every fourth beat. Default=4.


Plays the beats during animation playback.