Paste Controller
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Track View Controllers toolbar (Paste Controller)

Track View Highlight a controller track in the Controller window. Controller menu Copy

Keyboard Ctrl+V

Paste Controller pastes the contents of the Copy Controller buffer. You can use the Copy and Paste buttons to copy tracks, controllers, objects, and containers.

All the Controller tools can also be found on the Controllers: Track View toolbar, which is hidden by default. Right-click the toolbar, then choose Show Toolbars Controllers: Track View to display the icons for Assign, Copy, Paste. Delete Controller and Make Controller Unique.

TipIf you need a gizmo to follow a dummy object, use Copy Controller and Paste Controller to copy the animation from the dummy to the gizmo.


See Copy Controller.


Paste Controller

Pastes an item from the Track View clipboard.

The Paste dialog contains the following options:


Determines whether the cloned item is a simple copy or an instance of the original.

Replace All Instances

When you paste to any track that contains an instanced object, replaces all instances of the object with the object on the clipboard. If off, only the object in the selected track will be replaced. Any instanced objects will remain as they are.