Respect Animation Range
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Track View Select a Controller track Controller menu Respect Animation Range

Respect Animation Range constrains a parametric, non-keyable controller track to be active only within the track's current animation range. Choosing this option changes the track's background color to gray.

NoteWhile Ignore Animation Range is the default setting (turn off the Override Parametric Controller Range By Default option in the Animation Preferences to change it), controller tracks from older scenes are set to this setting to maintain their original behavior.


Example: To set a controller track to respect the animation range:

  1. Create a sphere.
  2. On the Motion Panel Assign Controller rollout, highlight the sphere's Position track.
  3. Click (Assign Controller), and then choose Noise Position from the Assign Controller dialog.
  4. 3ds Max Design opens the Noise Controller dialog. Keep the current settings and close the dialog.
  5. Select the sphere, and then right-click it. From the quad menu, choose Dope Sheet.
  6. Expand the hierarchy items in the Controller window until you find the sphere's Position track.
  7. On the Controllers menu, choose Respect Animation Range.

    The background color of the track changes to gray.

  8. Drag the track's range bar so it starts at frame 10.

  9. Play the animation.

    Because Respect Animation Range is on, the sphere starts moving only when it is within the track's animation range.