Align to Cursor
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Track View In the Key window, select keys to align to the current frame. Keys menu Align to Cursor

Use Align to Cursor to move selected keys to the current time. Select the keys to align using Move, Slide, or Scale.

Align to Cursor is useful for taking a group of scattered keys and moving them to the same time location.

Align to Cursor is available in Dope Sheet and Curve Editor modes.

Align Keys to Cursor ignores the state of Snap Frames, and always uses the exact time set by the time slider.


To move all selected keys to the current frame:

  1. Open either Curve Editor or Dope Sheet - Edit Keys mode.
  2. Drag the time slider to the time where you want the keys aligned.
  3. Highlight one or more keys using (Move Keys), (Slide Keys), or (Scale Keys).
  4. From the Keys menu, choose Align To Cursor.

    The leftmost selected key in each track is moved to the current time. Multiple selected keys on the same track maintain their relative distance from the leftmost key.