Move Keys (Dope Sheet)
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Track View Keys Toolbar (Move Keys)

Move Keys lets you reposition keys horizontally, within their own tracks, thus changing the times at which they take effect. If no keys are highlighted, you can move any key by dragging it. If multiple keys are highlighted, you can move them all the same distance by dragging one of them.

This button is a flyout. You can choose Move Keys Horizontal or Move Keys Vertical, but in the Dope Sheet, all three buttons have the same effect.

You can clone highlighted keys by moving them while holding down the Shift key.

NoteYou can use any button on the Move Keys flyout to move keys in Dope Sheet mode, but you can move keys horizontally only.


To move a selection of keys:

  1. On the Keys Toolbar, click (Move Keys) if it isn't already highlighted. (It should be on by default.)
  2. Highlight the keys you want to move in the Key window by dragging a selection rectangle around the keys. You can also use Ctrl+click to highlight non-contiguous keys.
  3. Position the mouse cursor over one of the highlighted keys, and then drag horizontally to move the keys in time.
    TipPress Spacebar to lock the key selection. Then you don't have to drag over the selected key, but anywhere in the viewport. This is useful when you have a complex selection set of keys.