Select Time
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Track View Dope Sheet Time toolbar (Select Time)

Track View Dope Sheet Time menu Select Time

With Select Time you can specify a block of time by dragging in the Key window.

When you have selected a block of time, then you can apply any of the following operations to the highlighted block (and any keys contained therein):


To select time:

  1. In Dope Sheet mode, highlight one or more item labels in the Controller window to specify tracks for time editing.
  2. On the toolbar, click (Select Time).
  3. Drag in the key window to specify time in the selected tracks.

    A beige bar between two yellow lines appears as you drag across the box grid of the Dope Sheet Key window.

    If a highlighted track does not support time operations, time selection in that track is ignored.

    After specifying a time range, you can perform other time- and key- related operations.