Freeze Non-Selected Curves
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Track View Curve Editor Display menu Show Non-Selected Curves Freeze Non-Selected Curves

Freeze Non-Selected Curves is a selection modifier that makes all non-highlighted curves uneditable. Default=On.

Freeze Non-Selected Curves has the following properties:


Example: To freeze non-selected curves:

  1. Animate an object's position.
  2. From the Graph Editors menu, choose Track View - Curve Editor. On the Options menu, make sure Auto Expand Selected Objects Only/Transforms/XYZ Components are all on.

    The X/Y/Z position tracks are all highlighted, and their curves appear in the Key window. You can drag keys on any curve.

  3. On the Display menu, make sure Hide Non-Selected Curves is on. This is the default setting.
  4. In the Hierarchy list, click the X Position track icon.

    Now only the red X Position curve is visible.

  5. From the Display menu, choose Show Non-Selected Curves.

    The other two curves reappear, and are editable.

  6. From the Display menu, choose Freeze Non-Selected Curves.

    The Y Position and Z Position curves remain visible, but display as dashed lines.

  7. Position the mouse cursor over a vertex on the Y Position or Z Position curve.

    The cursor doesn't change to a crosshair, indicating that you can't modify the vertex.

  8. In the Hierarchy list, click the Y Position track icon and then Z Position track icon.

    All three remain visible, but in each case the two non-highlighted tracks display as dashed lines, and are not editable.