Key Time Display
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Track View Key Stats toolbar Key Time Display (field on left)

The Key Time editable field (the field on the left) displays the frame number (position in time) of the selected key. You can enter a new frame number or enter an expression to move the key to a frame.

Key Stats toolbar

Using Expressions in the Time and Value Fields

You can enter any expression in the time and value fields. The variable n stands for the key time or value. An expression can be as complex as you want, and can involve any function the expression controller uses. For example, you could enter an expression such as: n/2+sin(n)*40^n.

The expression parsing in the time field works only when Time Configuration Time Display is set to Frames. The expression parser doesn't understand SMPTE or Frame:Ticks.


To move a key to a specific frame:

  1. In Track View, highlight a key.
  2. In the Key Time Display, enter the frame number you want to move the key to.
  3. Press Enter.

    The key (and, in Dope Sheet mode, any associated keys) moves to the new time.

To move keys ahead 10 frames:

  1. In the Track View Key window, highlight keys.
  2. In the Key Time field, type n+10 .

    Selected keys are incremented by 10 frames.