Trackgroup Filter Dialog (Biped Object)
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Select a biped. Motion panel Biped Apps rollout Mixer Click a biped track name to highlight it (by default, the name is �All�). Trackgroups menu Filter

By default, the Motion Mixer expects that a mix you create will affect the entire biped. If you like, you can filter a trackgroup so clips in the mix affect only selected body parts. This functionality makes it easy for you to assign one set of BIP files to control the motion of a biped's upper body, while another set controls the lower body.

For more information and procedures on the use of trackgroup filters, see Filtering Mixer Tracks.


The Trackgroup Filter dialog consists of a rough diagram of a biped. Selectable components display in the color specified for the trackgroup by the Track Color command on the Mix menu. If the biped does not include parts like ponytails or props, they are unselectable. Body parts can be individually activated or deactivated by clicking them, or you can use the buttons across the bottom of the Trackgroup Filter diagram to expedite selections.


Activates all central body parts, comprised of the spine, pelvis and horizontal movement, rotation and vertical movement icons.


Activates the biped's arms, comprised of the right arm, left arm, and both hand icons.


Activates the biped's legs, comprised of the right leg, left leg, and both foot icons.


Activates the biped’s extra tails. See Xtras group.


Activates all selectable body parts.


Deactivates all body parts.


Inverts the current body part selection. If everything is active, this deactivates everything, as if you clicked the None button.

Trackgroup Label Field

Use this field to specify a more descriptive label for a trackgroup. When you first create a trackgroup, it is labelled All. The new label entered here will appear in place of All to the left of the trackgroup. Use a unique, descriptive name to help you keep track of what body parts were filtered for the trackgroup. For example, if you selected only the pelvis and legs, you could enter Lower Body as the trackgroup label.

Xtras group

Lists the names of any Xtra tails the biped might have. See Xtras group. Click the name of an extra tail to select it. Extra tails don’t appear in the biped diagram, only in this list.