Starting a New Animation

You create new animation in Absolute layers. Absolute layers include CATMotion and absolute (keyframe animation) layers, as well as imported motion data, which you load into an absolute layer.

Before you can start animating you need an absolute layer to create your animation in.

To create an Absolute layer:

  1. Select any part of your CATRig.
  2. On the Motion panel, go to the Layer Manager rollout.

  3. Click and hold on (Abs) so the flyout opens, and then drag down to the second Abs button.

    An Absolute Layer is created in the Layer Manager list.

  4. Above the list, click (Mode) to switch to Animation mode.

You are now ready to start keyframing.

Assign new animation layers as you need them. It is useful to break your animations down into manageable segments.

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