Foot-Pivot System

The CAT foot-pivot system lets you position the rotation point of a foot anywhere you like. To use it, simply move the pivot where you want it and rotate the FootPlatform. The foot pivot is animatable, so you simply move it around with Auto Key on, the same way you animate anything in 3ds Max Design.

To work with the foot pivot system:

  1. Add or highlight an animation layer and activate Animation mode.
  2. Select the FootPlatform.

    With the FootPlatform selected you can see the Foot Pivot: the cross in the middle of the FootPlatform.

  3. On the Motion panel, turn on Selection Level Sub-Object.

  4. Move the pivot to the front of the FootPlatform.

  5. Turn off Selection Level Sub-Object.

    Now, when you rotate the FootPlatform, it rotates from the toe.

  6. As you continue to animate, simply animate the Foot pivot position as required.
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