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Select a limb bone. Modify panel Limb Setup rollout Turn on Collarbone. Select a collarbone bone.

The collarbone is a special type of bone that can be added to limbs. It appears between the limb and the hub to which it’s attached. The limb does not inherit rotations of the collarbone.

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The name of the collarbone. See Using CAT's Naming System.

Copy/Paste/Paste Mirrored

Buttons for copying and pasting the collarbone settings to or from other bones. See Copying and Pasting Rig Parts.

Use Custom Mesh

Toggles the custom mesh for this collarbone. See Customizing the Geometry on CATBones.


The size of the collarbone in the respective dimension, measured in CATUnits.

Add Bone

Adds an extra bone to the collarbone.

Add Rigging

Adds special rigging objects, such as props, to the collarbone. For details, see To add rigging objects:.