Editing Palms and Ankles
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Select a limb bone. Modify panel Limb Setup rollout Turn on Palm (for arm) or Ankle (for leg). Select palm or ankle bone.

Palm parameters include dimensions and a list box for adding and remove digits. The Ankle Setup rollout is identical.



The name of the palm. See Using CAT's Naming System

Copy/Paste/Paste Mirrored

Buttons for copying and pasting the palm settings to or from other palms. See Copying and Pasting Rig Parts.

Use Custom Mesh

Toggles the custom mesh for this palm. See Customizing the Geometry on CATBones.


The size of the palm in the respective dimension, measured in CATUnits.

Num Digits

The number of digits (fingers or toes) the palm has. Range=0 to 100.

After you add digits, you can edit them and their bones by selecting a digit bone. See Editing Digits.

NoteAs you add and remove digits, the fingers distribute themselves automatically along the end of the palm. By default, Digit 1 is the thumb.
Add Bone

Adds an extra bone to the palm.

Add Rigging

Adds special rigging objects, such as props, to the palm. For details, see To add rigging objects:.