Editing Digits
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Select a palm or ankle bone. Modify panel Palm/Ankle Setup rollout Set Num Digits to a non-zero value. Select a digit bone.

You can edit digits at the digit level as well as at the level of each bone in a digit.


Digit Setup rollout

Access the Digit Setup rollout by selecting a digit bone in the viewport. These settings affect the entire digit to which the bone belongs.


The name of the digit. See Using CAT's Naming System

Copy/Paste/Paste Mirrored

Buttons for copying and pasting the digit settings to or from other digits. See Copying and Pasting Rig Parts.

Num Bones

The number of bones the digit has. Range=0 to 20.

NoteEach new bone created will default to the same dimensions as the bone at the end of the digit.

The size of the digit in the respective dimension, measured in CATUnits.

Digit Bone Setup rollout

This rollout has the settings for the selected digit bone.


The name of the digit bone. See Using CAT's Naming System

Use Custom Mesh

Toggles the custom mesh for this digit bone. See Customizing the Geometry on CATBones.


The length of the digit bone, measured in CATUnits.

Curl Weight

Controls how much the DigitCurl values in CATMotion affect the digit bone. A value of 1.0 means that CATMotion has 100% effect. A value of 0.0 turns CATMotion off for the selected digit. A value of -0.5 would mean that DigitCurl would have half the effect in the opposite direction.

Add Bone

Adds an extra bone to the digit bone.

Add Rigging

Adds special rigging objects, such as props, to the digit bone. For details, see To add rigging objects:.

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