Seams Sub-Object Level (Cloth)
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The Seams sub-object rollout is used to define seam properties.



Turn the seam on or off to make it active or inactive.

Crease angle

Creates a crease at your seam. The angle value will determine the angle of the crease that will be between the two panels. (Can be positive or negative depending on which way you want to crease)

Left: High crease angle

Right: Low crease angle

Crease Strength

Increase or decrease the strength of your seam. This value will effect how much the seam will resist bending in relation to the rest of the cloth object. A value of 2.0 means that the cloth will have twice the resistance to bending that it would otherwise have (as defined by the object/panel/vertex group properties).

Sewing Stiffness

The amount of force with which the panels will be pulled together at simulation time. A larger value will pull the panels together harder and faster.


When on, sets the selected seam to be tearable. Default=off.

  • Tear Threshold Sets a threshold value for tearing the seam. This value is equivalent to the Strength value of a Weld constraint at the Group sub-object level. Default=10.0.
Enable All

Sets all seams on selected garment to be active.

Disable All

Sets all seams on selected garment to be off. This button deactivates the On check box for all seams.