Assign Material Dialog
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Tools menu Viewport Canvas Select an object with no material. Click a painting tool. Assign Material dialog

NoteAfter you choose an option from the Assign Material dialog, Viewport Canvas prompts you for the map type to use. If you choose a map type to which a bitmap image file is not yet assigned, the Create Texture dialog opens.

The Assign Material dialog opens when you start to paint an object to which no material is assigned. It has a shortcut for assigning a Standard material, or you can choose another material. You can use Viewport Canvas with any material in 3ds Max Design.

After you designate the material type to assign, you’re prompted for a map type to paint on (such as Diffuse), and then for a bitmap file to use.


Assign Standard Material

Assigns a Standard material to the object.

Browse Material to Assign

Opens the Material/Map Browser, which you can use to assign any material in 3ds Max Design.


Exits the dialog without assigning a material or starting Viewport Canvas.