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Slate Material Editor Menu bar Material menu

The Material menu lets you create a material, choose an existing material, or assign a material to objects.

Some menu choices are also accessible from toolbar or navigation buttons, so this topic shows the button alternative along with the menu choice.


Pick from Object

After you choose this option, 3ds Max Design displays an eyedropper cursor. Click an object in a viewport to display its material in the current View.

Get All Scene Materials

Displays all scene materials in the current View.


Assign Material to Selection

Assigns the current material to all objects in the current selection.

NoteYou can also drag from the material node’s output socket and drop it on an object or a selection of objects. See To apply a material to objects in a scene.

Keyboard shortcut: A

Export MetaSL Material

Opens a file dialog that lets you export the current material to a MetaSL (XMSL) file. This option is enabled only when you have selected a Map To Material Conversion node: Typically, this node will be the parent of a shader tree whose children are MetaSL shaders.