ProOptimizer Modifier
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Create or import an object. Modify panel Modifier List ProOptimizer modifier

Select an object or objects. Modify panel Modifier List ProOptimizer modifier

The ProOptimizer modifier lets you select objects and interactively optimize them.

The ProOptimizer feature is an optimization tool that helps you reduce the number of vertices (and so the number of faces) in an object while preserving the object’s appearance. Options let you maintain material, mapping, and vertex color information in the optimized model.

Optimizing objects can reduce a scene’s memory requirements, simplify modeling because objects have fewer faces, and improve the speed of viewport display and rendering time.

There are two ways to use ProOptimizer:

TipWith the Batch ProOptimizer, you can optimize meshes before you import them. This can save time. The Batch ProOptimizer is also a good choice if the original meshes are extremely dense.

Original model

Vertices: 47226

Faces: 93792

Optimized model, Vertex % = 10.0

Vertices: 4722

Faces: 9323

Optimized model, Vertex % = 5.0

Vertices: 2361

Faces: 4660

Note When you modify one or more objects with ProOptimizer , an orange, box-shaped gizmo appears around each object. If you then select an object to which ProOptimizer is applied, this gizmo displays for all instances of the modifier, when the Modify panel is active. This feature can be useful for finding other objects to which the modifier is instanced.