Mapping Rollout (Particle Paint)
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Select a Particle Paint helper. Modify panel Mapping rollout

The Mapping rollout determines how particles are mapped. To use mapping with particle seeds, add a Material operator to the event, and assign a material that has mapping.

ImportantTo have these settings affect the particle seeds, set these parameters before you create the seeds. Changing the parameter values after creating particle seeds has no effect on existing seeds' mapping.


Acquire Sub-Material Index

Causes each particle seed to acquire the sub-material index (Material ID) of the nearest point of the surface painted.

Generate Mapping Coords.

Creates mapping coordinates for each particle seed according to the Type selection. If you use this option, do not use a Mapping operator with the Birth Paint or Placement Paint operator, because doing so will override the mapping generated by the Particle Paint helper.

Assign To Mapping Channels

Defines the mapping channels to which mapping values are assigned. You can choose more than one channel for assignment. Available only when Generate Mapping Coords. is on.


Lets you specify how Particle Paint assigns mapping to particles. These mapping types work with numeric parameters to set mapping on particle seeds. For example, with a planar map the bottom-left corner has UVW values of 0,0,0, while the top-right corner has UVW values of 1,1,0. These mapping types correlate these values to the stroke.

  • Stroke DependentSpreads mapping values from the Start Value to the End Value over the course of the stroke. The first particle in the stroke receives the Start Value, the last particle of the stroke receives the End Value, and intervening particles receive values interpolated between the two. The same value is assigned to U, V, and W.
  • Time DependentAssigns mapping values according to time. The first particle in the stroke is given the Start Value, and the timing of each successive particle (in relation to the first particle) receives an incremented value according to the Offset p/Sec parameter and the number of seconds elapsed. For example, if Offset p/Sec is 0.25 (the default value), then a four-second stroke covers the 0-1 range of UV mapping values.
  • Index DependentAssigns mapping values incrementally regardless of the stroke time. The first particle in the stroke is given the Start Value, and each successive mapping value increments by the Offset p/Particle value. For example, if Offset p/Particle is 0.01 (the default value) and a stroke has 101 particles, then particles in the stroke receive the incremental mapping values 0.0, 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, ... 0.98, 0.99, 1.0.
  • From Object PaintedParticle seeds take their mapping from their placement on the painted object. A particle acquires the mapping values at the nearest point of the object surface. To acquire mapping values from several mapping channels of the object, activate multiple buttons in the Assign To Mapping Channels group.