Material/Map Browser Menus

The Material/Map Browser menus provide most of the options for managing libraries, groups, and the Browser itself.

You access the main Material/Map Browser Options menu by clicking (Material/Map Browser Options) or right-clicking an empty portion of the Material/Map Browser. When you right-click the title bar of a group in the Browser, you see the options for that particular kind of group.

Options for All Groups

These display and menu options appear for all groups.

Edit Group Color

Displays a Color Selector Dialog so you can choose a custom color for the group.

Display Group As

Chooses how to display entries in the group. There are three choices for icon size:

  • Small Icons(The default.)
  • Medium Icons
  • Large Icons

You can also choose not to display icons (this is quicker).

  • Icons and Text(The default.) Displays icons and text.
  • Text Displays only text.
Context Menu Options

These options affect the shortcut, “context” menu that appears when you right-click an empty area of the View.

  • Show Group Shows this group in the context menu. Default = on for the Materials and Maps groups, off for the Scene Materials group.

The two options that follow are available only when Show Group is turned on:

  • Flatten Hierarchy When off, the library or group name introduces a submenu, and library or group contents appear in the submenu. When on, the library or group name doesn’t appear in the context menu, and contents of the library or group are listed right in the menu at the appropriate level. Default=off.
  • Display Icons When on, the context menu shows materials and maps with a small icon by their name. When off, it does not. Default=off.