The InfoCenter gives you access to information about 3ds Max Design and other Autodesk products. It appears toward the right of the Caption bar.


Search field

Enter text to search for. See Search For and Receive Information.

Use the arrow to the left of the Search Field to either hide or display this field.


After you enter text in the Search Field, click Search to find help topics and Web pages that contain this text. See Search For and Receive Information.

Subscription Center

Click to access subscription services. See Access Subscription Center.

Communication Center

Click to access the Communication Senter. See Overview of Communication Center.


Click to view the Favorites panel. See Save and Access Favorite Topics.

Quick Help menu

Click the question-mark button to display the 3ds Max Design help.

Click the down-arrow to access other commonly used help files. The main help and the choices on this menu are available from the 3ds Max Design Help menu as well.