PaintSS Panel
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The PaintSS (Paint Soft Selection) panel provides controls for painting a soft selection of sub-objects on an editable poly or Edit Poly object.



Paint with Blur to soften the outlines of an existing painted soft selection.


Paint with Revert to reverse a soft selection on the active object using the current settings.


Opens the Painter Options dialog, with settings for brush-related properties.

NoteWhen the modeling ribbon is maximized or the PaintSS panel floats, the following controls appear on the PaintSS panel expansion.

The maximum relative selection of the painted or reverted soft selection. The values of surrounding vertices within the brush radius fall off towards a value of 0. Default=1.0.


The radius of the circular brush used for painting the selection.


The rate at which painting a soft selection sets the painted sub-objects to the maximum value. A high Strength value reaches the full value quickly, while a low value requires repeated applications to reach full value.