Slice Mode Panel
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Any sub-object level Modeling ribbon Graphite Modeling Tools/Freeform tab Geometry (All) panel Click Slice Plane.

The Slice Mode contextual panel is available on the modeling ribbon when the Slice Plane tool is active. It provides tools for performing the slice and resetting the slice plane position, as well as an option for splitting the mesh while slicing.



Performs the slice operation at the location of the slice plane. Available only when Slice Plane is on. This tool slices the poly just like the “Operate On: Polygons” mode of the Slice modifier.

Left: Using Slice; Right: After slicing and moving the pieces apart


When on, the QuickSlice and Cut operations create double sets of vertices at the points where the edges are divided. This lets you easily delete the new polygons to create holes, or animate the new polygons as separate elements.


Returns the Slice plane to its default position and orientation. Available only when Slice Plane is on.