Move CAD Data to GIS


Migrate data from a file-based DWG data store to a relational database management system. Locate the data in real space and organize objects into real-world categories.

Place your drawing in a real-world location

Identify points within the drawing relative to the coordinate system you specified

Align your CAD vectors to real-world locations

Find and remove objects that match specific criteria

Correct geometric errors introduced during drafting, digitizing, or data conversions

Use object classification to apply standards and organize data into real world features

Create object data tables to store text and numerical information related to objects and attach records to objects

Link external data stores to existing block attributes, object data records, or AutoCAD text enclosed in a polyline

Export the entire drawing and all its information to a GIS format

Based on your organizational needs, number of users, training requirements, cost, and other factors, decide if further data migration is needed

Move or copy data from SDF to an RDBMS system