Converting Existing Data for Industry Models
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To structure existing data using an industry model, you must import that data into the model. Once the data has been imported, AutoCAD Map 3D can apply rules and relationships to that data. You can import the data using the Convert To Industry Model feature.

Industry model features you create in AutoCAD Map 3D use the specific schema defined in the current enterprise industry model or industry model drawing. When you connect to or attach data using Data Connect or an AutoCAD xref, the referenced data is not based on the industry model. To use all the features of an industry model, you must convert it to model data.

The conversion process enables you to define mappings from the source data to corresponding feature classes and attribute values in the industry model. You can convert multiple sources in one operation. You can apply filters to the sources to convert only the data of interest from each source. You can apply different filters to the same source as needed.

NoteYou can include other data in a map that uses an industry model, even if you don't import that data. For example, you can attach drawings and query in drawing data, or connect to other GIS data stores. However, this data will not be part of the industry model, and cannot use the added functionality of industry models, such as rules, relationships, reports, and forms. Connected and attached data is not saved with the drawing itself—only the connections are saved—whereas industry model data is part of the drawing.
Convert Existing Data for Industry Models