Perform Storm and Sanitary Analysis
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If you are using a wastewater industry model , you can perform hydraulic water analysis to evaluate an existing or new sewer system for planning, rehabilitation, maintenance, and network extensions. For an enterprise industry model , if the data is job-enabled, the analysis runs against the job that is active when you start the analysis operation.

The properties used for the analysis include the following:

The analysis is done in a separate module called Storm and Sanitary Analysis. This module produces a report that compares two “states” of your data. You can then return to AutoCAD Map 3D to make changes to your original data, based on the findings in the report.

For more detailed information on using Storm and Sanitary Analysis with AutoCAD Map 3D, see "Tracking And Reporting Changes" in the Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2012 User’s Guide.

Perform Storm and Sanitary Analysis