Mapping Commands

Following is a list of mapping commands. Click a command name for information about how to use it.

For information about AutoCAD commands, see the AutoCAD Help.

Command Description
AD Specifies a point based on angle and distance from a given point
ADEATTACHDATA Attaches object data to objects
ADEDEFCRDSYS Defines a global coordinate system
ADEDEFDATA Defines object data
ADEDRAWINGS Manages the drawing set
ADEDWGMAINT Removes locks from objects
ADEDWGSTAT Displays drawing statistics
ADEEDITDATA Edits attached object data
ADEFILLPOLYG Fills a selected polygon
ADEGENLINK Automatically links objects to object data or external database records
ADEQUERY Controls defining, modifying, saving, loading, and executing a query
ADEQUERYLIB Maintains the library of queries
ADEQVIEWDWGS Performs a quick display of active drawings
ADEREMOBJS Removes objects from the save set so they aren't saved to source drawings
ADERSHEET Performs rubber sheeting on selected objects
ADERUNQUERY Runs queries in the Query Library
ADERUNXQUERY Runs externally saved queries
ADESAVEOBJS Saves objects in the save set back to source drawings
ADESELOBJS Creates a set of objects to be saved to source drawings
ADESETCRDSYS Assigns a global coordinate system code for the current drawing
ADESHOWOBJS Displays the objects in the save set
ADETEXTLOC Redefines the default label point of an object for text
ADETRANSFORM Moves, scales, and rotates a set of objects
ADEWHOHASIT Displays the current owner of a selected locked object
ADEZEXTENTS Performs a ZOOM command to display the extents of selected active drawings
ATTACHDEF Changes the current object class definition file
BB Specifies a point using bearings from two given points.
BD Specifies a point based on bearing and distance from a given point
CLASSIFY Classifies existing objects
DD Specifies a point based on deflection and distance from a given point
DDIST Specifies a point based on distances from two other points.
FEATUREDEF Defines a new object class based on an example in the current drawing
MAP2SDF Exports an SDF 2 file for use with Autodesk MapGuide 6.5 or earlier. Same as MAPEXPORTMAPGUIDE.
MAPABOUT Gives information about AutoCAD Map 3D
MAPAL Adds a link to a network topology
MAPAN Adds a node to a topology
MAPANBUFFER Creates a buffer around an existing topology
MAPANDISSOLVE Dissolves a topology into constituent topologies
MAPANNDELETE Deletes all annotation based on selected template
MAPANNINSERT Adds annotation to objects based on selected annotation template
MAPANNREFRESH Refreshes existing annotation
MAPANNTEMPLATE Defines and modifies annotation templates
MAPANNTEXT Creates and edits annotation text
MAPANNUPDATE Updates existing annotation
MAPANOVERLAY Overlays one topology with another, and creates a new topology
MAPANTOPONET Traces through a network topology (shortest path trace, best route analysis, or flood trace)
MAPAP Adds a polygon to a polygon topology
MAPATTACHDB Attaches a data source to a drawing
MAPAUTOCHECKOUT Automatically checks-out features that are edited
MAPBL Breaks a link in a topology at a specified point
MAPBOOKCREATE Creates a map book to publish your data
MAPBREAK Breaks objects along a selected or defined boundary
MAPBROWSELINK Opens a database table associated with a specific link template to edit in the Data View
MAPBROWSETBL Opens a database table to edit in the Data View
MAPCANCELCHECKOUT Discards edits and unlocks the features in the feature source. Edits are not discarded if Update Edits Automatically is enabled
MAPCGADIST Adds the distances between points
MAPCGANG Displays the angle between lines or points
MAPCGAZBASE Sets the azimuth base
MAPCGCDIST Displays the distance between points
MAPCGLIST Displays coordinate geometry information for lines and arcs
MAPCGSETUP Specifies coordinate geometry settings
MAPCGSLIST Displays the slope between points
MAPCHECKIN Saves modified features back to their feature source and unlocks the features in the feature source
MAPCHECKOUT Makes feature available for editing and if locking is available, sets locks on the source
MAPCLEAN Performs drawing cleanup operations
MAPCLPLINE Creates polylines from a polygon topology
MAPCOGO Opens the COGO Input dialog box, which allows you to enter coordinate geometry data.
MAPCONFIGDB Configures the connection to an external data source
MAPCONNECT Connects to a feature source
MAPCONNECTDB Connects to an attached data source
MAPCONNECTIONPOOLING Toggles default connection pooling setting.
MAPCREATECENTROIDS Creates a centroid in a polygon and moves data to the centroid
MAPCREATEFEATUREFROMGEOMETRY Converts drawing objects to features to create new features.
MAPDATATABLE Opens the Data Table, which allows you to view, edit and filter feature data
MAPDEFINELT Defines a link template for a database table
MAPDELETELINKS Deletes database links from objects
MAPDELETELT Deletes a link template
MAPDETACHDB Detaches a data source from a drawing
MAPDIGISETUP Sets up user options for digitizing nodes and linear objects
MAPDIGITIZE Digitizes nodes and linear objects with settings from mapdigisetup
MAPDISCONNECTDB Disconnects an attached, connected database
MAPDISPLAYLIBRARY Turns on and off the Display Library palette.
MAPDISPLAYMANAGER Turns on and off the Display Manager.
MAPDIST Measures the geodetic distance between points
MAPDL Deletes a link in a network topology.
MAPDN Deletes a node in a topology.
MAPDP Deletes a polygon from a polygon topology.
MAPDOCKWSPACE Docks and undocks the Task Pane
MAPDVP Divides a polygon in a polygon topology by allowing you to add a link
MAPDWFOPTIONS Sets AutoCAD Map 3D options for publishing to DWF.
MAPEDITDIR Edits direction of a link in a network topology
MAPEDITRES1 Edits direct resistance of a node or link in a network topology
MAPEDITRES2 Edits reverse resistance of a link in a network topology
MAPEDITSETAUTO Updates feature edits automatically
MAPEDITSETAUTODEFAULT Toggles default setting for Update Edits Automatically
MAPEDITSETOPTIONS Specifies options for editing features
MAPEXPORT Exports data from AutoCAD Map 3D to an external file format
MAPEXPORTMAPGUIDE (Same as MAP2SDF) Exports an SDF 2 file for use with Autodesk MapGuide 6.5 and earlier. Same as MAP2SDF
MAPEXTRACTFEATUREGEOMETRY Extracts the geometry from a feature to use AutoCAD commands that are not available for features
MAPFDOBUFFERCREATE Creates a buffer zone around features in your map
MAPFEATUREEDIT Edits a feature.
MAPFEATUREEDITOPTIONS Specifies options for editing features
MAPFEATUREMERGE Merges features and assigns feature property values for the resulting feature
MAPFEATURESPLIT Splits features and assigns feature property values for resulting features
MAPGISOVERLAY Performs overlay analysis on feature classes
MAPHILLSHADE Specifies the settings to use for shading 3D raster-based surfaces
MAPIFRAME Makes frames enclosing raster images, visible or invisible
MAPIGNORESPLITMERGERULES Determines whether or not the rules for split and merge are used
MAPIINFO View file, image, object property, and correlation information about selected images
MAPIINSERT Inserts a raster image
MAPIL Inserts a link in a topology
MAPIMANAGE View list of images in current drawing, change drawing order, erase or zoom to selected images
MAPIMPORT Imports an external file format into AutoCAD Map 3D
MAPIMPORTMAPGUIDE (Same as MAPSDFIN) Imports an SDF 2 file from Autodesk MapGuide 6.5 or earlier. Same as MAPSDFIN.
MAPIN Inserts a node in a topology.
MAPIOPTIONS Specify default image correlation settings, display options, detach options, paths, and memory settings
MAPJL Joins two links in a topology
MAPLINESTRINGCREATE Creates a new LineString feature
MAPLINESTRINGEDIT Edits a LineString feature
MAPLINKEDIT Edits a link in a network topology
MAPLINKMANAGER Edits the link data attached to an object
MAPLINKUPD Updates links in a network topology
MAPLOGIN Log in as an AutoCAD Map 3D user
MAPMEL Repositions an end point of a link in a network topology
MAPML Moves a link in a network topology
MAPMN Moves a node in a node topology or moves a node at the end of a link in network or polygon topologies
MAPMP Merges polygons in a polygon topology
MAPMULTILINESTRINGCREATE Creates a new MultiLineString feature
MAPMULTILINESTRINGEDIT Edits a MultiLineString feature
MAPMULTIPOINTCREATE Creates a new MultiPoint feature
MAPMULTIPOINTEDIT Edits a MultiPoint feature
MAPMULTIPOLYGONCREATE Creates a new MultiPolygon feature
MAPMULTIPOLYGONEDIT Edits a MultiPolygon feature
MAPNODEDIT Edits a node in a topology
MAPNODUPD Updates nodes in a topology
MAPOD2ASE Converts object data tables to linked external database tables.
MAPOPTIONS Sets AutoCAD Map 3D options
MAPPOINTCREATE Creates a new Point feature
MAPPOLYGONCREATE Creates a new Polygon feature
MAPPOLYGONEDIT Edits a polygon feature
MAPPOLYLINETOPOLYGON Converts closed polylines to polygons
MAPPOLYUPD Updates a polygon topology
MAPPROPSLT Edits the database table name or location in a link template
MAPPUBLISHTOMAPGUIDE Publishes to the new MapGuide technology (Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2007 or MapGuide Open Source)
MAPRL Reverses a link in a network topology.
MAPRUNDBQUERY Runs a database query and opens a database table displaying the results of the query in the Data View
MAPSDFIN Imports an SDF format file from Autodesk MapGuide
MAPSEARCH Searches for and selects features in your map, based on the location and attribute criteria you specify
MAPSELECTCHECKEDOUT Highlights features in the drawing that are from the selected feature source
MAPSELECTCLASSIFIED Selects all classified objects
MAPSELECTUNCLASSIFIED Selects all objects that have no classification assigned to them
MAPSELECTUNDEFINED Selects all objects whose classification is not defined in the object class definition file
MAPSHOWGEOM Highlights objects in the selected topology
MAPSHOWTOPO Highlights and identifies topologies for the selected object
MAPSTATUSBAR Shows or hides the Map status bar.
MAPTEXTCREATE Adds text features to an annotation layer
MAPTEXTEDIT Allows you to edit text features on an annotation layer
MAPTEXTLAYERCREATE Creates an annotation layer for freestanding text features
MAPTOPOAUDIT Checks that a topology is complete and contains no errors
MAPTOPOCOMP Completes a network or polygon topology
MAPTOPOCREATE Creates a new topology.
MAPTOPODEL Removes topology data from objects, and optionally deletes the objects
MAPTOPOLOAD Loads a topology
MAPTOPOLOGY Converts an existing polygon topology to polygons
MAPTOPOQUERY Queries topologies
MAPTOPORECR Reestablishes a topology that was edited with nontopology editing commands such as STRETCH, PEDIT, and MOVE
MAPTOPOREN Changes the name, description, or both of a topology
MAPTOPOSTATS Displays detailed information about a topology
MAPTOPOUNLOAD Unloads a topology
MAPTRACKCS Tracks the coordinates of the cursor in any coordinate system
MAPTRIM Trims objects to a set of edges
MAPUPDATEFEATUREGEOMETRY Merges new or existing drawing object geometry with a feature.
MAPUSEMPOLYGON Enables/disables use of mapping polygons
MAPUSERADMIN Performs administrative functions
MAPVIEWLINK Opens a database table associated with a specific link template to view in the Data View
MAPVIEWTBL Opens a database table to view in the Data View
MAPWORKOFFLINE Disconnects you from feature sources and caches all your feature data connections, allowing you to work with a local copy of your feature data.
MAPWORKONLINE Reestablishes connections with your feature sources so you are working live again and can check in any changes.
MAPWORKFLOWCREATE Creates a workflow.
MAPWORKFLOWEDIT Edits a workflow.
MAPWORKFLOWOPEN Opens a workflow.
MAPWORKFLOWRUN Runs a workflow.
MAPWORKFLOWSAVE Saves a workflow.
MAPWSACTION Indicates that a shortcut menu command in the Task Pane has no link to an AutoCAD Map 3D command
MAPWSPACE Shows or hides the Task Pane
MAPWSREFRESH Redisplays the Task Pane
MAPMPEDIT Edits polygons
MPFILL Sets the default fill for polygons
MPOLYGON Creates polygons
MPSPLIT Splits an existing polygon object into two new polygon objects
NEWDEF Creates a new object class definition file
POLYDISPLAY Changes the display of polygon edges and fill
UNCLASSIFY Removes classification from an object
ZD Specifies a point based on azimuth and distance from a given point

Changed or Replaced Commands

Some commands have been replaced or discontinued in this release. Some of the commands still function, but they may not be available in future releases. You should update any scripts you have to use new commands. For more information, see Discontinued Commands.

Using Wildcard Characters with Commands

Most AutoCAD Map 3D commands are wildcard character-enabled. For more information, see Wildcard Characters.

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