Select Existing Link Template dialog box

Use this dialog box to select the appropriate link template, specify the key fields in the object data to use, and then select a database validation option.

To open a linked database table

At the Command prompt, enter mapviewlink.

The list of link templates include those available for the current drawing.

Link Template

Select a link template for the database table containing the data matching your object data table. In the OD Column, specify the fields in the object data table to use for key fields.

Database Validation

Select a validation option.


Create links without checking the database.

Record Must Exist

Create a link only where the text or attribute tag value matches an existing record's key field value.

Create If New

Create a new record in the table if no existing record matches. If you choose this option, you can use the grid below to map data from fields in the object data table to non-key fields in the database.